I. Configuration Reference

The BProc master daemon reads its configuration information from /etc/beowulf/config. This file is a plain text file. All configuration directives are a single line take the form of:

tag arguments ...

Comments are shell script style, beginning with # and extending to the end of the line. Since several programs and scripts use this configuration file, the BProc master daemon will only pay attention to tags it recognizes and ignore all others. An example configuration file follows.

#  Sample BProc Configuration file

# Set the port BProc runs on.  This is optional.  It will default to 2223
bprocport 951

# The system will have 7 nodes numbered 0-6 (nodes is required)
nodes 7

# Here is the list of interfaces to listen on and their associated
# addresses.  The BProc master daemon currently does not configure the
# interfaces.  That is left up to other scripts.  You can have as many
# interfaces as you want but you should have at least one for normal
# operation.
interface eth0
interface eth1

# Here we setup IP ranges for the nodes.  These two lines set up two
# ranges which cover nodes 0-5.  Both start assigning IPs at zero due
# to the "0" argument to iprange.
iprange 0
iprange 0

Table of Contents
bprocport — specify which port the BProc master daemon should listen on
interface — specify network interfaces to use
ip — assign an IP address to a node
iprange — assign a range of IP addresses to a nodes
logfacility — specify what log facility name the BProc master daemon should use
nodes — specify the number of nodes in the system