bproc_execmove -- move a newly execed process to another node


#include <sys/bproc.h>

int bproc_execmove(int node, const char * cmd, char * const argv[], char * const envp[]);


bproc_execmove is a combination of the execve and bproc_move syscalls. First the execve is performed with the cmd, argv and envp arguments. Then, before returning to user space, a bproc_move is performed to move the new process to node.

Return Value

On success, bproc_execmove does not return. If an error occurs during the execve step, bproc_execmove will return -1 and errno will be set appropriately. If an error occurs after a successful execve, the process will exit with the value of errno returned in the exit status.


bproc_execmove can return any of the errors for execve or bproc_move.

See Also

execve(2), bproc_move(2)